Abroad: A new chapter in Barcelona

My first week here in Barcelona went by in the blink of an eye and if there’s one word to describe the past week, it’s: crazy. But let’s go back to the beginning of my first adventure abroad. On July 16, my parents took me to the airport in Vienna, where also my aunt spontaneously came. And suddenly it was time to say goodbye to everyone, which was also when I started crying. Because this time, I was not at the airport to go on holiday but to leave Austria for a longer time due to my internship abroad in Barcelona. And I even still had tears in my eyes while waiting at the gate for boarding. When we landed in Barcelona, I still couldn’t realize that this city will be my home for the upcoming months. After I collected my baggage, I went to the shared flat, where I’ll be living until the end of August with three other guys. 

The next day, it was sunny weather and perfect for exploring the city. So, I went to the city center in the morning and had breakfast there at a small café because I couldn’t find the one I was looking for. In the afternoon, I met Babsi for the Erasmus Pool Party at the Hilton Diagonal Mar and later headed on to brunch in the park at Parc de Montjuïc, where we spent the rest of the evening. Monday was then the first day of my internship. And while I was already looking forward to it, things didn’t go as planned. The next few days, I still struggled a lot at work until, on Thursday, I was about to quit and go back home because nothing seemed to work out. However, the same day after work, my manager took me to Gavà Mar, a beautiful beach outside Barcelona. There, we sat down at the beach, watched the sunset, and then had dinner at Iguana. All of this cheered me up a lot and after a long chat with my manager, she also convinced me to stay.

On Saturday, my roommates made paella at home and invited some friends over, while on Sunday, I met Magdi and Marie, who were currently interrailing through Southern Europe, for breakfast at Flax & Kale. After breakfast, we did some sightseeing across the city and ended our tour at Plaça d’Espanya, where we also had dinner at Arenas de Barcelona, a former bullring now used as a shopping center. While I had to work again on Monday, I met Magdi and Marie after work at the beach, where we had ice cream and enjoyed the rest of the evening. Yet, after spending two days with them, it was time to say goodbye as they headed to their next stop, Marseille. So, my first week in Barcelona was a rollercoaster ride, but I’ll probably remember all my adventures abroad forever. And if not, I can always read about it here on the blog.

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