Abroad: Time flies by in Barcelona

Where did the time go already? Exactly two weeks ago, I already had my first day at work here in sunny, beautiful and hot Barcelona and I must admit, I like it here better day by day. Especially on the weekends, there is so much to do and experience. So it sometimes doesn’t even feel like I’m here for work, but more like I’m on vacation. As my second week at work, compared to my first one, was rather unspectacular, in today’s post, I simply give you a quick summary of my long weekend here in Barcelona.

On Friday, I was at work until 7 p.m. and then just too tired to do anything else, so I went to bed early. But on Saturday Vicki finally arrived in Barcelona and we decided to meet up for breakfast at brunch & cake by the sea. While Vicki went for the dragon fruit bowl, I ordered the avocado toast and Bircher muesli. Despite the food, the café itself is also nicely decorated, so if you ever come to Barcelona, ​​don’t miss out on this spot.

After breakfast, we went straight to the beach at Barceloneta and then on to the W Barcelona hotel, where we sat down at the beach and chatted for a while. And since we haven’t seen each other for more than two weeks, we had a lot to tell each other. Later, we went to Vicki’s shared apartment to decide what to do the rest of the day. Since Vicki had already met a few other people, we went with them to Rambla and just walked around the city together with them. This time we also stopped at the famous ​​Mercat de la Boqueria. And if you’ve ever been to that market, you know it is a true paradise for every foodie (although some of the food sold there is rather disgusting). Afterward, we went to Maremagnum, a big shopping center down at the harbor, before heading back to Vicki’s flat, where we ended the day with dinner together with her roomies.

On Sunday in the later afternoon, together with Vicki and three of her roommates, I went to a party at the W Barcelona hotel, where we spent the rest of the evening sipping Mojitos and enjoying the great music and the beautiful view overlooking the beach. Tired and with sore feet, I finally made it back to my apartment and fell asleep there immediately. As I had a day off the next day, I could even sleep as long as I wanted and decided to spend my whole day off, relaxing and sunbathing at the beach as I needed a tan anyways.

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