Moin, Moin from Hamburg

After some great days in London and before going back to Barcelona again, I also went to Hamburg, where I visited Viki, who’s currently doing her internship there. When I arrived at Hamburg airport, Viki and Julia were already waiting for me outside to pick me up. And after a quick stopover at Viki’s place to drop off my luggage, we went directly to the city center for some drinks.

The next day, Viki had to get up early for work. And while she spent the day at work, I explored Hamburg on my own in the meantime. So I grabbed some breakfast to-go and went to the city center for some sightseeing. First, I stopped at Mönckebergstraße, one of the main shopping streets in Hamburg, for some shopping. From there, I walked towards the town hall, onto Neuer Wall, until I reached Jungfernstieg right next to the Alster. While at some point finally, the sun showed up, a few minutes later, it was raining again. Anyways, I still had enough time left till Viki finished work, so I took the metro to Rödingsmarkt and walked from there along the Binnenhafen towards Speicherstadt. In the late afternoon, I then went back to the city center to meet Viki for dinner at Atelier F. After dinner, we then strolled around Hamburg’s inner city before heading back home, where we ended the day watching a movie on Netflix.

On Wednesday morning, I went for breakfast to Nord Coast Coffee Roastery, which I enjoyed with a great view of the Nikolaifleet. Afterward, I went to the harbor for a harbor tour on my last full day here in Hamburg. As many operators offer these tours, it is definitely worth comparing their prices and asking for possible discounts. Yet, since the next one didn’t leave before 2 p.m., I went back to the inner city in the meantime. After getting off the harbor tour, I met Viki again, and together, we went to Reeperbahn and ended the day there with some drinks.

The days passed by quickly and, suddenly, it was already time to go back to Barcelona again. Thus, the following day, I got up early to pack my bags and say goodbye to Viki, grabbed some breakfast for to-go, and headed back to the airport. While I spent the remaining time there browsing through airport shops, after a two-hour flight I was back in Barcelona again. And although it was not really a relaxing week of traveling, I enjoyed every minute of it and was happy I got to see Konstanze and Viki again.

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