Abroad: A first reunion in Barcelona

By the time I knew that I’m going to do my internship in Barcelona, ​​Emily promised to come to visit me. And while it was everything but easy to find a suitable date for that, Emily finally came to visit me for a weekend in August.

On Friday, Emily was finally on her way to Barcelona, and since I only had to work until 2 p.m., I was even able to pick her up at the airport. From there, we first went to my apartment before going out for dinner at Flax & Kale, which has become my favorite place here in Barcelona. After dinner, we grabbed some ice cream and took a late-night walk through the city before heading back home again.

The following day, we met Vicki and Fabsi for breakfast at The Juice House, where we had to wait for our order. And since we planned to visit Park Güell after and already bought the timed tickets, we were quite in a hurry. However, we still managed to be there in time. Once inside, we enjoyed the breathtaking view over Barcelona and strolled through the park for a while. Afterward, we took the bus back to the city center and spent the rest of the afternoon shopping at Passeig de Gràcia, followed by having tapas for dinner. Later, we went back to my place and got ready for Babsi’s birthday party in the evening. We all met at her place first for some pre-drinks and later went to the street festival in Gracia. After a long but fun night out, we finally made it back home at 4 a.m.

Unfortunately, Sunday was already the last day I could spend together with Emily. So this time, we got up earlier to go for breakfast to Flax & Kale and from there, then walked down Rambla towards the harbor and on to the beach at Barceloneta, where we stopped for a while to enjoy the beautiful view over the sea. Later, we walked on towards Parc de la Ciutadella, and after a short stroll through the park, we also went to Arc de Triompf. From there, we continued towards El Born, the culture and arts area of Barcelona. And as we walked through nearly half of the city that day, we decided to take the metro back to my apartment. Later, we met up with Vicki to visit Sagrada Família, which probably is one of the most impressive buildings I’ve ever seen and, thus, definitely a must-see in Barcelona. As it was Emily’s last evening in Barcelona, we wanted to do something funny and went to the Ice Barcelona, where everything – including the glasses for the drinks – is made out of ice. And while the ticket was € 16.50 per person and included one drink, it was a fun experience and worth a visit, especially when there’s 30 °C outside. From there, we went to Port Olímpic, where we ended our last evening drinking sangria overlooking the sea.

The next day I had to go back to work, and also Emily headed to the airport again, so it was time to say goodbye. Although the days together have been quite intensive and sometimes a bit exhausting from all the sightseeing, we had a great time together. I was happy that Emily came to visit me in sunny Barcelona and am already looking forward to seeing her for another reunion in October in Dublin.

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