Abroad: An update from Barcelona

It’s been a bit quiet here on the blog over the last few weeks as I had to work a lot to get a lot of things done for one of my projects and the upcoming exhibition in Cologne. So I worked some extra hours, which also left less time to write a new post. Moreover, Jasmin only had a few more days left in Barcelona, so spent as much time as possible together before she flew back to Austria again. Thus, the last weekend of August was really busy. Yet, now I finally found some time to write a bit about what has been happening over here in Barcelona during the last few weeks. 

Friday after work, Jasmin and I went to OMA Bistro for late lunch and then spent the rest of the day at the beach. On Saturday, together with some of Jasmin’s friends, we went to Montserrat, which is only a 40 minutes train ride from Barcelona. Once there, we took the cable car up to the monastery, where we first enjoyed the beautiful view over the inland landscape, followed by a hiking tour. Although the hike was probably not the best idea at 32° C outside, when we finally reached the top we knew it was worth it. After a great afternoon at Montserrat, we went back to Barcelona and later joined the street festival in Sants. On Sunday, Jasmin and I went for breakfast at Flax & Kale and relaxed in the afternoon. I used the rest of the day to pack my stuff because I had to move out of my room by the end of the month.

A few days later, I already moved into my new apartment, where Babsi also joined me for a few days before she headed to Panama for her second internship. On the last day of August, I then had to say goodbye to Jasmin, who went back to Vienna but luckily will come back to Barcelona again at the beginning of October. As it was also Babsi’s last weekend in Barcelona, we went out together on Friday. And this was then finally my time at a club since I’ve moved to Barcelona. Saturday was quite a lazy one, but on Sunday, we then spent all afternoon at the beach before a lot of work for the upcoming exhibition in Cologne was already waiting for me at work.

While I spent the last days at work packaging merchandise, making restaurant reservations, keeping an eye on the production schedule, and shipping packages to Germany, there was still a lot to do before flying to Cologne to attend DMEXCO 2016. Finally, on Friday afternoon, everything was completed. But I had to quickly rush back home to pack my bags before going to Cologne for my first business trip ever on Saturday morning. And as I haven’t been to Cologne nor on a business trip before, I was not only excited but also a bit nervous. At the airport in Dusseldorf, I then met up with my boss and Silvia, my new colleague at the office in Vienna, who I finally got to meet in person. And luckily, we got along pretty well right from the start, so I didn’t doubt we would also have a lot of fun working together. From Dusseldorf airport, we took the train to Cologne and, when we got there, we at least had some time to rest before kicking off an intensive week of work. Yet, Saturday evening, we already had our first team meeting and started preparing for the exhibition. And by Tuesday evening, we were finally done with all the constructions and setting everything up.

However, on Wednesday, I had to get up already at 6.45 a.m. to be at the exhibition venue in time to start my shift at 8 a.m. working at one of our clients‘ booths. Although those two days working at the exhibition were exhausting and stressful, I met some new people and could even use the time to network a bit. After cleaning all booths and storing everything, we went to our apartments, got ready for our team dinner in the city, and ended the evening by having drinks at the hotel bar. On Friday, and after finally getting some proper sleep, later that day, I flew back to Barcelona again and couldn’t wait to go to bed. 

After sleeping until 11 a.m. on Saturday, I went for brunch with Jasmin, who was finally back in Barcelona for a few days. Later, I met Vicki for some coffee and gossip in the city. And since we haven’t seen each other for nearly a month, we also had a lot to talk about. In the evening, I then met my aunt and uncle, who were currently on vacation in Barcelona, for dinner at Port Vell. The next day, I spent the afternoon with Jasmin and some of her friends at the Día de México at Poble Espanyol, which was also Jasmin’s last day in Barcelona before going back to Vienna. 

So, there’s actually been a lot going on during the past three weeks, which have also been quite exhausting and intense. But luckily, the next trip is already just around the corner, because Vicki and I are going to Nice soon to visit Tanita and spend some time together at the French Rivera. So watch out for the next blog post, where I’ll probably tell you more about our holidays at the Côte d’Azur.

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