Magical Côte d’Azur

While I’ve recently been to Cologne for my first business trip, last Friday I headed to the airport again to go to Nice together with Vicki to visit Tanita, who’s currently doing her internship there. Although I had already been to Côte d’Azur for a week three years ago for a language course, I was pretty excited to be back again. And as we were approaching Nice, I also remembered why: azure water as far as the eye can see.

After arriving at the airport in Nice, we first dropped off our bags at the hotel Tanita was working at and later on went for breakfast at Paper Plan. From there, we headed towards the city center, crossed Place Masséna, walked through the old town, and then up to the Château de Nice. From there you have probably the most beautiful view over the whole city, which we enjoyed for a while, before slowly making our way back to Tanita, to pick her up from work and to check-in at our Airbnb together. As we made dinner at the Airbnb, we went to the supermarket, but then decided to still head to the city to get some ice cream at Fenocchino. There, they have probably the largest range of different ice cream flavors I’ve ever seen at an ice cream store. 

On our second day at the Côte d’Azur, we met Julia for breakfast at Déli Bo, before leaving Nice around noon to explore some of the other cities along the Côte d’Azur. First, we stopped in Antibes, where we spent a few hours walking around the city and had lunch. Once we made it to our second stop, Cannes, we first walked from the train station towards the city center and down to the harbor and the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès. As the Hôtel de Ville is also not far from there, we went there too and, of course, also walked along the famous Boulevard de la Croisette. Before heading back to Nice again, we stopped at Crème de la Crepe for coffee and crepes. Back at our Airbnb in Nice, we decided to spend the evening there as well since Tanita had an early shift at work the next day, and Vicki and I still wanted to get some sleep to be ready for our last trip to Monaco.

While Tanita was already at work for two hours, Vicki and I slept a bit longer, packed our bags after breakfast, and checked out of our Airbnb. Later, we picked Tanita up at work and went to the bus stop at the harbor, from where we left for Monaco by bus. As the bus was so crowded, we had to sit on the floor but still had a beautiful view of the Cap Ferrat, where we passed by on the way to Monaco. In Monte-Carlo, we first went to see the Casino de Monte-CarloHôtel de Paris, and Café de Paris, which are all right next to each other. And, of course, we also had coffee and cake at Café de Paris. From there, we went down to the harbor and on to Palais des Princes de Monaco. But once we got to the rather unspectacular Prince’s Palace, we headed on to the Oceanographic Museum and passed through the Jardins de Saint-Martin as well before walking back to the harbor again. There, we got some food and waited for the next bus back to Nice. Back there, we again went for ice cream at Fenocchio, where choosing one of the many flavors was still as difficult as on the first day.

As we had a late-night flight back to Barcelona, we spent the rest of the time with Tanita at the hotel. And while waiting there, we got notified that our flight was delayed and would not depart until 1.30 am the next day. However, we still had to get on the last bus to the airport at 9 pm and couldn’t use the extra time to spend it in Nice. Once we made it to the gate, the departure time for our flight got pushed back even further. And while it was changing several times, I was only hoping that we would make it back to Barcelona still today as Vicki and I both had to work the next day. In the end, the flight got canceled and rescheduled for 12.25 am the next day. So, we had to go back to the check-in counter, where we at least got an accommodation voucher and thus spent one more night at an airport hotel in Nice before finally heading back to Barcelona on Monday morning again.

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