Weekend getaway to Bratislava

As Bratislava is only an hour from Vienna, it’s ideal for a weekend getaway. On Saturday, my sister, my mum, and I took the bus from Vienna to Bratislava and arrived there only an hour later. From the bus terminal, we walked to the old town, where we first had breakfast at Urban Bistro. Later, we went to the Austria Trend Hotel Bratislava, where we stayed for the night. After we checked in and a short rest in our hotel room, we walked to the city.

As Bratislava is a rather small city and most of the sights such as the St. Martin’s Cathedral, Michael’s Gate, Old Town Hall, and the Primatial Palace are located directly in the city center, we visited most of them already on the first day. Thus, we also had time to relax and didn’t have to run from one place to another before going home again. Although the number of sights around Bratislava is limited, you shouldn’t miss visiting Bratislava Castle from where you can enjoy a stunning view over the city and the Danube. If you have time, you can also go to the other side of the city across the Danube by walking over the Most SNP bridge, also known as the UFO bridge. 

On our second day, we had breakfast at the hotel and then got ready to see the rest of the sights across the city. We still had some time left before going back to Vienna, so we went to the Aupark shopping center, which is easily reachable by bus from the city center. Later that day, we went back to the hotel to grab our luggage and then took a taxi back to the bus terminal from where we headed back to Vienna. Although we only spent two days in Bratislava, I had a great time with my mum and sister and enjoyed the weekend to the fullest.

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