Berlin city vibes

Last weekend, I went to Berlin with six other friends from university for a city trip and to attend the ITB fair. But we also wanted to spend some days together before each of us is going to move abroad and we won’t see each other for a while.

We were supposed to fly to Berlin on Friday afternoon. But due to a strike at all Berlin airports, our flight got canceled. Thus, we spontaneously decided to take the bus on Thursday overnight instead. After an 8-hour trip, we finally got to Berlin and started the day with breakfast at SUPERFOODS & ORGANIC LIQUIDS. Later, we walked around the city and saw some of Berlin’s main attractions. As we were still tired of our long journey to Berlin, we decided to stay home in the evening and get some rest. 

On Saturday, we attended the ITB, visited booths of different countries and tourism companies there, and even grabbed some typical Austrian food at the Austrian National Tourist Office booth. In the evening, we then met at our Airbnb to have dinner and drinks before going out and dancing until the early morning hours. Thus, we all slept a little longer on Sunday and later met for breakfast at Spreegold. From there, we went to the East Side Gallery and some other attractions we didn’t visit yet, before heading to the airport and back to Vienna. And this time, our flight was luckily not canceled again.

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