Hotel Review: Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai

During our trip to Dubai, we stayed at Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai for two nights. When we got there, we were already welcomed by the friendly staff and could move into our room right after the check-in. 

We booked the Covet Room with a king-size bed and spacious bathroom with a walk-in shower and bathtub. Also, from our room, we had a great view of the Burj Khalifa and the skyline of Dubai. Already when we got there, I knew this was the most beautiful and luxurious hotel I’d ever stayed at. Not only the hotel room and location were great. But they also offered a first-class service, the staff was super friendly, attentive, and accommodating and the whole resort was just beautiful. 

Mornings at the hotel start with a delicious big breakfast, which you can also enjoy next to the poolside. No matter if you prefer relaxing at the beach or the pool, the hotel has both. At the hotel’s private beach, you can relax at one of the cabanas at the beach. In addition, you can also find several pool areas across the resort. And if you like to have a little day party at the pool, you can always stop by the Nikki Beach Club, which you can access free when staying at the hotel. But the amenities and offers don’t end here. The hotel also has a spa, several restaurants, and cafés, while you can also book a whole villa for your stay.

Concluding, we had a great stay at the Nikki Beach Resort & Spa in Dubai and enjoyed our time there to the fullest. And we also wouldn’t mind coming back again, but then definitely for a little longer.

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