Abroad: A new home in Odense

Going abroad also means you have to find a new place to stay. But when you’re going to Denmark and studying at SDU, the university assists you with finding accommodation. You only need to sign up for it before the deadline. And even though I received two offers from them, I rejected both as I wanted to live in the city center, and both of the accommodations they offered me were far away from there. So I had to find something on my own.

However, it’s not that easy to find a place to live in Odense on your own. I already started searching for accommodation quite early, but haven’t been lucky for weeks. So I stayed with Stine until I would find a room for my own. And after signing up at different housing sites and joining several Facebook groups for housing in Odense, I not only finally found the perfect place only 5 minutes by bike from the city center, but also a great roomie and new friend.

And on September 14, I could finally move in. But since first of all, I had to get furniture for my room, I went with Stine to IKEA, picked up a mattress and some other things there and dropped them off at my new place. Afterward, I also got all my stuff from Stine’s place and moved them to my new one. During the first night in my new room, I only slept on the mattress on the floor, as the bed frame was too bulky for the car. However, I had a great first night there and slept pretty well. The next day, I went with my new roomie Nanna and her parents to IKEA again to get the bed frame and the rest of the pieces of furniture. As I love furnishing, I started building up all items right after we came back from IKEA and, after some hours, nearly everything was built up, and I finally had a comfortable bed to sleep in. On the next day, I built up the last piece of furniture and even decorated everything to make the room even more hyggeligt (Danish for „cozy“).

If you’re also looking for accommodation in Denmark, or in particular in Odense as well, here are some useful links:

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