Abroad: Some first ones back in Odense

It has already been a while since I last posted here on the blog, simply because I was too lazy. But maybe I also did not post anything over here as the longer you live abroad, the more regular and unspectacular life gets. It is not that my life here became boring, but while on some days a lot is happening, other days I only spend at home sleeping as long as possible or watching Netflix all day long. But now, I am finally taking the time to share all the things that happened here in Odense since I came back from Austria. Because the last few weeks were full with a lot of first ones.

However, there are still some highlights I can share with you as the last few weeks were full of a lot of first times. For example, the day when Flora and I made cinnamon buns for the first time, and it worked out so well, we had enough cinnamon buns for a week. Thus, we invited Becci over and spent a great afternoon together. Another day I went dumpster diving for the first time. And although it is devastating to see how much food supermarkets throw away each day, it was a great experience. Also, I made Tarte Flambee for the first time about two weeks ago and had my first and hopefully last bike accident last Thursday.

Furthermore, two annual events were happening here in Odense within the last few weeks. On J-dag on November 3, they celebrate the day they start serving Christmas beer in Denmark for the first time a year at 8.59 pm. So, my Danish roomie Nanna and I spent the evening out in the city drinking beer and partying a bit. On November 18, I then went with friends to the Juletræstænding at Flakhaven in front of the town hall in Odense. There, they lit the Christmas tree and Christmas lights around the city center for the first time of the year at 5.00 pm. And although it was still November, it made it feel a lot more like Christmas.

Before I moved again, at the end of the month, I spent a weekend with Tatjana and Annemarie in Lapland. On one of my last days in my old shared flat, I had some friends over for Tarte Flambee. And now it is December, and I already moved in at Campus Kollegiet, the probably prettiest student dorm in town. And after living here for only four days, I already love it. I am super happy about my room, the distance to the university, and the international environment here. So, right now, I enjoy the view over the city from my new room while having breakfast and enjoying a cup of coffee. Happy first Sunday of Advent!

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