Food Guide: Eating out in Odense

Before traveling to another city, I also look for great restaurants and cafés. And most of the time, I also find cool ones. Thus, before I moved to Odense, I also created a list of restaurants and cafés I’d like to try when living there, which I’d like to share with you in today’s post.

Café Skt. Gertrud

Café Skt. Gertrud is a great place for brunch but also for lunch and dinner. Or just for a glass of good wine in the afternoon or evening. During summer, they also have seating options outside.

Den Lille Smalle

This small café offers various healthy juices, which you can also grab to-go. But it’s also a great place for breakfast or just a light snack such as their open-faced avocado toast with rye bread or delicious smoothie bowls.


This bakery chain, which you can find all over Denmark, is my forever favorite thing about the country of hygge. And they have the best kanelsnegle or kanelstang. But not only their sweet treats but also their bread is amazing. Plus, they offer a student discount on coffee as well.

Storms Pakhus

Storms Pakhus is one of the two food markets in Odense next to the harbor. Here you can find typical Danish and international food stalls, but they also have a bar serving cocktails and other drinks. And during warmer months, you can also enjoy your food or a drink in the outside seating area.

Looking for more inspiration?

Here are some more restaurants and cafés in Odense, which I’ve already (marked with *) as well. But there are still some more on the list which I want to try many more of them.

Arkaden Food Market * | Brød * | Burger Anarchy | Café Fleuri * | Café Fyrtøjet | Cafe Nordatlanten | Café Vivaldi * | Den Grønne Café | Eydes | Gorm’s | KRÆZ * | Marcellos | Nelle’s * | Nouvelle | UBN | Under Lindetræet | Velbekommen

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