Escaping to Riga

Tatjana and I needed a little break from Odense and decided to escape to Riga for a weekend. And while the main reasons we went there were the cheap flights and hotel, after our first day, we already figured out that Riga has so much more to offer than cheap prices. 

As we had to go from Odense to the airport in Copenhagen first, we left early in the morning and arrived there three hours before departure. However, time passed fast, and after a short 1,5 hours flight, we landed in sunny Riga. When we made it to the Wellton Centrum Hotel & Spa, where we stayed for the weekend, and after a short rest in the hotel room, we headed out to explore the city. And, while walking around the whole day and discovering some nice corners and shops, in the evening we went for dinner at Riits.

The following day, we had breakfast at the hotel before sightseeing again. This time, we walked across the bridge to the other side of the city and visited the Latvian National Library. We were so impressed by the modern library that we spent quite some time there and headed back to the city center right in time for dinner at MILDA. On our last day, we only had breakfast at the hotel and later went to the airport and back to Denmark again. And although our trip was short and there would have been much more to see, we still got a good glimpse of the Latvian capital in the past two days and were also lucky with the sunny weather. However, I’m still asking myself what the Town Musicians of Bremen are doing in Riga.

Wondering what to see in Riga?

House of the Blackheads, St. Peter’s Church, Freedom Monument, Riga Castle, Riga Cathedral, Cat House, Three Brothers , Museum of the Occupation of Riga, Latvian National Library, Riga Harbour, Riga Nativity of Christ Cathedral, Latvian National Opera

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