Abroad: A family visit in Denmark

Is there anything better than living abroad and having your family over to show them around your new home? Finally, my family visited me in Denmark, and as I love planning holidays, they got an extensive sightseeing program for the four days we spent together. 

Friday, I met them at the central station in Copenhagen, from where we first went to Torvehallerne for coffee and food until we could check in at our Airbnb. Afterwards, we did some classical sightseeing and went to Nyhavn, Amalienborg, the Little Mermaid, and so on. The next morning, we went to Malmö in Sweden for a few hours. And, although it was cold and windy, we made the best of it. And at least, we can say now that we’ve traveled across the Øresund Bridge.

On our last day in Copenhagen, we did some sightseeing again before leaving for Odense in the afternoon. Once there, we went to my dorm for a short rest and later for dinner at Arkaden Food Market, where we met Flora and her family, who were also visiting her. On our last day together, I showed them around Odense, and a few hours later, it was already time to say goodbye to my family as they went back to the airport in Copenhagen again. However, we had a great time together, and I was happy they visited me in Denmark.

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