Abroad: An update from Denmark

It’s already been some time since I’ve posted something about my time here in Odense for the last time. But finishing all assignments for the first semester and spending some time in Austria, there wasn’t a lot happening. However, after I came back to Denmark end of January, two weeks later, Vicki spontaneously decided to visit me in Odense. While the weather here wasn’t really good at that time, I still showed her around the city, and we enjoyed spending time together a lot.

A bit more than a month later, I went back to Austria again and this time even took Stine with me. Thus, end of February, we first spent three days in Saalbach skiing, followed by a short visit to my parents‘ place. And before heading back to Denmark again, we spent the last two days in Vienna. Although it was pretty cold that week and I even got sick during our trip, we had such a great time, and I was so happy I could finally show Stine my home because that’s also what she did when I visited her in Odense for the first time.

Mid-March, together with Tatjana, I then went to Riga for a weekend, where we enjoyed some sunny days exploring the city. And six days later, my family finally visited me in Denmark. And although it started snowing heavily again a few days after my family left, that didn’t stop Cecilia and me to use one of the cold but sunny day to go to Kerteminde. There, we strolled along the beach and through the woods and enjoyed a sunny afternoon by the sea.

On April 2, many festivities to celebrate HC Andersen’s birthday took place in Odense. And as Jehanne and I already decided to spend that day together, we first met for brunch and then visited the HC Andersen Hus afterward. And while we were strolling through Munke Mose, we even already discovered the first signs of spring. So, we had a lovely spring day in Odense.

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