City Guide: Low budget in Edinburgh

Traveling doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, it can be pretty cheap. Because if you’re flexible with the dates, don’t need a fancy place to say, and maybe also don’t choose to go to the most expensive places in the world, you can save a lot of money. And my trip to Edinburgh proves that you can also have a great holiday on a low budget. So, in addition to my travel diary about Edinburgh, I decided to put together a guide on how you can spend a cheap but still great holiday in the Scottish city.

Join one of many free activities

Many companies offer tours around Edinburgh free of charge. This is not only a great way to get to know the city, but also to save money. However, the tour guides are also happy when you leave them a little tip. If you’re into Harry Potter, you might be interested in joining the Harry Potter Trail – a tour on which you visit the places that inspired J.K. Rowling to write the Harry Potter stories.

Walk instead of using public transport

As many of the main attractions are located in the city center and within walking distance, you don’t necessarily need to buy a ticket for public transport. Instead, use the opportunity to walk everywhere and again save some money this way. Plus, you move your body as well.

However, if you arrive in Edinburgh by plane, you need to use public transportation. Luckily, Airlink brings you directly from the airport to the city center. And when you get your ticket, make sure to buy a return ticket for £ 7,50, which saves you £ 1,50 compared to buying two single tickets. And, of course, it is way cheaper to take the airport bus instead of a cab.

Make use of student discounts

Edinburgh is a popular student city, and as students mostly live on a limited budget, many shops, cafés, and other places offer a student discount. All you need to do is ask at the checkout if they have a discount for students, show them your student ID and save mostly about 10 % on your purchase.

Visit the museum for free

Most of the public museums in Edinburgh are for free. Thus, when it’s raining or cold outside, which is likely and typical for Scotland, or if you also want to do some cultural activities during your stay, you can visit one of the many museums around the city for free.

Stay at a hostel

Lastly, during my, trip I stayed at a hostel for the first time. Especially during a city trip, where you hardly spend any time in your room, staying at a hostel is the best and also cheapest option. Plus, if you’re traveling alone, hostels are great places to meet other people you can spend time with. In Edinburgh, I stayed in a female dorm room at the Backpackers Hostels for £ 26,80 in total.

During the 2,5 days in Edinburgh, I thus spent around € 202 (DKK 1,500 or £ 176) in total. And I guess, that proves that traveling on a low budget is definitely possible.

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