Abroad: Spring arrived in Denmark

Although people often associate Denmark with cold and rainy weather – and yes, we had a lot of these shitty-weather-days in the last few months – now it’s finally over. Because finally, spring has also made it to Denmark. And everyone seems to love it.

When I came to Odense at the end of August last year, summer was already more or less over, so I didn’t know, how green this city is. But now, as everything is starting to blossom again and the sun is shining a lot, life in Denmark is just awesome. And compared to grey, rainy or snowy days, there is so much to do outside. Because, let’s be honest: strolling around the city, riding the bike, and chilling on the balcony is so much more fun when the sun is out. And as it was forecasted to be sunny during the first weekend of May, the weather was perfect for a BBQ, which Tatjana and I organized at the dorm’s rooftop on Friday.

On Saturday, I got another visit from home as Julie and Daniel were in Odense. So they also were lucky and got to enjoy the beautiful weather. Thus, in the evening, we had drinks outside at Storms Pakhus‚ patio and went for a walk through the city later on. The next day, I had breakfast together with them at their hotel, showed them around the city, and took them to Lagkagehuset for coffee and cinnamon buns. And before they went back to Copenhagen, we also managed to stop by at my dorm and the university. Although we only got to spend 1,5 days together, I was super happy to see them in Odense.

The following Friday, I went to Copenhagen to meet up with my three high schoold friends Babsi, Anna, and Lisa, who spent the weekend there. Unfortunately, I still had to get some work done for my university classes, so I could only spend 1,5 days with them. However, I also had a good time back in Odense, working on my papers, chilling in the sun on my balcony, hanging out with friends, and having one or the other sundowner drinks at Tatjana’s balcony. Yet, after these amazing days in May filled with lots of sunshine and great memories, I’m already getting sad when thinking about leaving Denmark in not even two months. But till then, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my time here to the fullest.

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