Exploring Denmark: Kerteminde

When it is 28 degrees in Denmark, you simply have to spend the day by the sea. Thus, Jehanne, Flora, and took the bus to Kerteminde – a small, but lovely harbor town on Fyn – yesterday afternoon to go to the beach there.

And although it took us 40 min to get there, time passed by quite fast since we also talked a lot on the bus. From the bus stop, we then walked towards Nordstranden, which is only a 15 minutes walk from the bus stop. Once there, we looked for a nice place and spent the whole afternoon sunbathing and eating ice cream. But most importantly, we were even brave enough to take a swim in the sea, which in the end wasn’t as cold as we thought – or did we maybe already become real Vikings?

After spending the whole afternoon at the beach, we were a bit exhausted when we made it back to Odense in the evening. However, it was a truly amazing summer day in Denmark. Thank you, Flora & Jehanne for spending it with me.

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