Exploring Denmark: Kerteminde

When it is 28 degrees in Denmark, you simply have to spend the day by the sea. Thus, yesterday afternoon, Jehanne, Flora and I went to the beach in Kerteminde – a small harbor town on Fyn. 

It took us 40 min to get there by bus from Odense, and once we got to the bus stop in Kerteminde, it was another 15-minute walk until we reached Nordstranden, which is said to be the best beach on Fyn. There, we looked for a nice place and spent the afternoon sunbathing and eating ice cream. But most importantly, we were even brave enough to go swimming in the sea, which wasn’t as cold as we thought – or did we maybe already become real Vikings?

Anyways, we had a great time at the beach and a lovely hot summer day in Denmark. Thank you, Flora & Jehanne for spending it with me.

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