One last month in Denmark

It feels like yesterday when I arrived with two big suitcases at the train station in Odense and could not wait to start my Danish adventure. So, I cannot believe how fast time passed and that I have only one more month left here in beautiful Denmark. 

But over the past nine months, a lot has happened. I successfully passed two semesters at the university, got used to biking everywhere, and most importantly, found many new friends and a second home here in Odense. Living abroad, I also grew a lot as a person and learned a lot of things about myself again. For example, although I love my family more than everything, I am also fine with not seeing them for a longer time. And also, that moving abroad can sometimes be the best decision ever.

However, I am sad when I think about leaving already today in a month. And while I cannot wait to see my family and friends back home again, I am not quite ready to leave yet. Because there are still so many things I want to do and experience and thus, created a to-do list for this last month in Denmark.

To-do list for my last month in Denmark
  1. Go to Fyns Hoved
  2. Spend a day at the beach
  3. Go to Tinderbox
  4. Visit the Odense Zoo
  5. See a movie at the cinema
  6. Travel to Skagen and Aalborg
  7. Make a day trip to Ærø
  8. Go for brunch at Nordatlanten
  9. Have as many sundowners as possible
  10. Celebrate my birthday in the Danish way
  11. Throw a farewell party
  12. Go out partying in Odense
  13. Have another dinner with my ‘GKB-crew’

… and to enjoy this last month here to the fullest!

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