Another reunion in Copenhagen

Although living abroad for a few months already, I love that my friends still take the time to visit me here in the country of hygge. So, I was looking forward to meeting three of my high school friends, Babsi, Anna, and Lisa, in mid-May in Copenhagen and showing them around one of my favorite cities for a weekend. 

On Friday, we met at our Airbnb in Nørrebro and headed for some sightseeing in the city center later. As it was their first time in Copenhagen, we did a lot of sightseeing and even went to places I haven’t been to either. First, we stopped at Botanisk Have, visited Rosenborg Slot, and walked to Den Lille Havrue, better known as the Little Mermaid. From there, we strolled back to the city center, passing by Kastellet and Amalienborg on the way as well. And right in time for lunch, we made it to Nyhavn. Since we walked more than 14 kilometers that day, we stayed in for the rest of the day and spent the evening at the Airbnb.

The following day, we had breakfast at Fars Dreng and went to the tower of Christiansborg Slot afterwards. While you might need to wait in line to get to the top, the view of Copenhagen you get makes it worth it. And the best part: it’s for free. Afterwards, we went to Det Kongelige Bibliotek and enjoyed the sunny and warm day in Copenhagen. Unfortunately, I had to go back to Odense in the afternoon, where my university papers were already waiting for me. Nevertheless, I had a great time exploring Copenhagen with the girls and am thankful they came to visit me up north.

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