Reunited in Copenhagen

I love that although I live abroad, my friends still take the time to visit me in my new home country. So when three of my high school friends, Babsi, Anna, and Lisa, went to Copenhagen for a weekend in mid-May, I left Odense for two days to meet them there. 

On Friday, I first met the girls at Nørrebro to drop off my bag at their Airbnb there. Afterward, we headed towards the city center together and already passed by some of the sights on the way. As it was their first time in Copenhagen, we did a lot of sightseeing and even went to some places I also haven’t seen yet – although it was already my fourth time in Copenhagen. First, we stopped at Botanisk Have, went to see Rosenborg Slot, and walked to Den Lille Havrue – better known as the Little Mermaid. From there, we headed back to the city center again, passing by Kastellet and Amalienborg on the way as well. And right in time for lunch, we then also made it to Nyhavn. Since we walked more than 14 kilometers that day, we stayed in for the rest of the day and spent the evening at the Airbnb.

The following day, we first had breakfast at Fars Dreng and then went to the tower of Christinasborg Slot. While you might need to wait in line for a bit to get up to the top of Christiansborg Slot, the view of Copenhagen you get from up there makes it definitely worth it. And the best part, it’s even for free. Afterward, we went to Det Kongelige Bibliotek and enjoyed the sunny and warm day in Copenhagen there, sitting next to the water. Unfortunately, I already had to go back to Odense in the afternoon, where my university papers were already waiting for me. However, I enjoyed spending the two days with the girls and am happy, Lisa, Babsi, and Anna came to Denmark.

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