Back in sunny Barcelona

When I left Barcelona in October 2016 after my internship, I never thought it would take me 1,5 years to get back to the place, which was my home for a few months, and thus, was looking forward to spending the next five days in sunny Barcelona and meeting some old friends there even more. Once at the airport, I took the bus to Plaza Catalunya, where I met Ania, with whom I spent the weekend. On our first evening, we walked to Barceloneta, had a drink at the W Hotel, and later met Ania’s sister and her sister’s boyfriend for dinner at FOC. And before going to bed, we ended the day with a late-night stroll by the beach.

The following day, we had brunch at Brunch & Cake, hung out at the pool at the W Hotel for a while, and did a short sightseeing tour through the city later. In the evening, we went to El Nacional for some delicious typical Spanish tapas for dinner and ended the day by watching the Champions League Final at a bar. As Sunday was already the last day I spent with Ania, we started the day with brunch at Flax & Kale, which used to be my favorite restaurant when I lived in Barcelona – and met Sabrina and a friend of hers there. Since we’ve only booked the Airbnb for the weekend, I stayed one night at St. Christopher’s Barcelona, located at the top of Barcelona’s infamous La Rambla and thus in the heart of the city. After saying goodbye to Ania and a short nap at the hostel, I went for a stroll around the city and met Andrea, whom I haven’t seen since my internship, for coffee later. In the evening, I met Sabrina again at the beach, where we had some wine and chatted for a while before I went to the hostel.

On my last full day in Barcelona, I got up quite early, had breakfast at the hostel, and then went directly to Sabrina’s apartment in Barceloneta, where I stayed for the last night. As I’ve already visited most of the tourist attractions in Barcelona during my previous visits, I spent the day shopping at Passeig de Gracia and simply strolling around the city. When Sabrina got back from work, another of her friends came over to her place, and we spent the last night watching a movie together before, Tuesday morning, I was off to the airport and back to Denmark again.

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