Exploring Denmark: Jutland

On my birthday, Resi and Verena spontaneously asked if I’d like to join them on their road trip across Jutland for which they left the following day already. Since I only had two more weeks left before going back home and nothing else planned, I decided to hit the road with them.

We left Odense in the late afternoon to drive to our first stop, Aalborg. Although it was already quite late when we got there, we still went to the city center and took a walk down by the harbor. The next day, we headed towards Skagen, Denmark’s northernmost town, with stops at Voergaard Slot and Sæby on the way. Once we made it there, we walked along the beach and long sandbar to Grene, the point where the Skagerrak and Kattegat seas are clashing. The rest of the afternoon, we spent strolling across the city center of Skagen and having coffee and cake.

On the way to Thisted, where we stayed the second night at a small hut on a camping site, we visited Råbjerg Mile, a migrating coastal dune and the largest moving dune in Northern Europe, and stopped at Rubjerg Knude Fyr, an old lighthouse surrounded by dunes. The following morning, we drove through the Thy National Park and made some stops in Hanstholm, Klitmøller – also known as Cold Hawaii and where we watched the surfer for a while – and Agger until we made it to Hvide Sande. When we got there, we first had dinner at our apartment and then spent the evening watching the sunset at the beach.

From Hvide Sande, we headed south to Blåvand and then on to the small island of Rømø, a well-known and popular destination for kitesurfing. Although it was so windy there, we sat down at the beach and watched the kitesurfers for a while before heading on to Denmark’s oldest town, Ribe for a coffee break in the afternoon. When we made it to Esbjerg in the evening, we spent the rest of the day at the hotel watching the football game and going to sleep earlier. Before hitting the road back home on our last morning, we made two more stops on the way. First, we went to the campus of SDU in Kolding, stopped at Egeskov Slot afterwards, and – after driving more than 1.300 kilometers in the past few days – made it back to Odense again, tired but with many impressions and great memories.

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