Abroad: Off to Sweden

I can’t believe it’s already been more than a week since I came to Jönköping, but I already love it here. Although I must confess, I also miss Denmark a bit. However, that start here in Sweden was not as smooth as I had wanted it to be. First, I had trouble with my luggage already at the airport in Vienna and had to unpack a few things again as it was too heavy, while during my transfer at the airport in Zurich, I also had to check in my carry-on bag, because – guess what – it was also too heavy. And second, due to my delayed flight from Vienna to Zurich, my checked-in luggage didn’t make it on the connection flight to Gothenburg.

So, after I desperately waited for my bag at the baggage claim, but my suitcase wasn’t there, I had to file a baggage report. But since I didn’t know yet where I’d be living, I couldn’t even fill in a delivery address. Anyways, together with only my carry-on bag, which, at least, had all the essentials in it, I then got on the bus and made it to Jönköping about two hours later. There at the train station, I already met some girls with whom I went to the accommodation office at the university, where they then assigned us to an accommodation. And lucky enough, I even got a room at a large shared flat directly in the city center and within walking distance to the university.

On the first few days, I explored the neighborhood with my flatmate Michelle, went with some other students I met on the first day to IKEA to get some stuff for my room, and, of course, had a typical Swedish Fika with Lotti at one of the cafés next to the lake. Then, on Monday, kick-off week finally started, and although the whole morning was filled with a lot of information and formal things, the rest of the day was super fun. But never have I ever thought that a semester start could be some much fun and exhausting at the same time. And if you ever experienced a kick-off at a Swedish university on your own, you know what I’m talking of. All of it started with a mingle on Monday, followed by the overall ceremony on Tuesday, when we then were finally allowed to officially wear our green overalls, which, from that moment on, we basically wore for the whole week.

Over the following days, other activities such as a sports day, pub-crawl, night mission, toga party, and beer pong tournament took place on campus and around the city. And by participating in all of them, all 12 teams were able to collect points for their team. While my team, the Smurfs, was last on the first day, we managed to take over the lead at the end of the first week. To sum it up, I’m enjoying not only my time but especially the kick-off to the fullest and am excited to get to know more about the Swedish way of life.

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