A day trip to Gothenburg

While living in Jönköping, I wanted to use the opportunity to visit other places nearby as well. So on a sunny Sunday in Autumn, I took the bus from Jönköping to Gothenburg and spent the day there. When I got there about two hours later, I decided to walk around and see what I’m stumbling upon.

Although Gothenburg is not such a popular Swedish city for going on a city trip, it still has a lot to offer and is definitely worth a day trip. While, of course, Gothenburg also has some main attractions such as Scandinavia’s biggest amusement park Liseberg, the fish market Feskekôrka, the Gothia Towers, or the Botanical Garden and the Palmhuset, you can also find a lot of pretty corners and parks across the city. Moreover, in the neighborhood Haga, you can find many hip cafés and cute little shops.

As some other students from the university in Jönköping were in Gothenburg that day too, I met them there and spent the afternoon strolling around town with them. However, they had already gone back to Jönköping earlier, so I met with Jakob, one of my Swedish friends. We spent the rest of the day sitting next to the canal and enjoying the sunny weather before I got on the bus back to Jönköping again. 

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