Goodbye Jönköping

On the one hand, it’s crazy how fast my exchange semester in Sweden passed, and how long it still seemed to have been on the other one. Although I only spent about three months in Sweden, it felt like half a year as these past months were intense in many ways – a new home, a new university, and many new people.

First, compared to studying in Denmark, in Sweden, I spent more time at university and on getting work for my classes done. And volunteering at the university’s student magazine also took up some of my free time but was a lot of fun though. Also, since I knew that my time in Sweden was limited, I wanted to experience and do as much as possible, which looking back, I also did. I traveled again, studied Swedish, made new friendships, and spent time with special people. However, even after being abroad for the third time now, sometimes all these experiences abroad can not only still make you feel overwhelmed but might also be different from what you had experienced before.

Although people’s idea of traveling a lot, living in different places and meeting people from all over the world might seem quite cool, there is also a downside to this – leaving and having to say goodbye again. In addition, since my internship abroad in Barcelona in the summer of 2016, it felt like I was constantly on the go. But I can’t blame anyone for that because all my trips in the past years were my very own decision and I’m also happy about making them. And they not only enriched my life and helped me grow as a person but made me see things from a different perspective as well. Yet, after three years of constantly moving around Europe, getting used to new environments, meeting new people, and then having to leave again over and over again, I’m a little exhausted because goodbyes suck.

I remember that moment when I left Denmark on July 2 this year to go back home to Austria after having probably the best time of my life there. I was sad, and I didn’t want to leave. However, I decided to leave Denmark and study abroad in Sweden instead. And then, after some great and exciting months here, I found myself in the same situation again. I had to say goodbye to people I got quite close and attached to and who also became friends in such a short time. So, it was everything but easy for me to leave again, and it simply sucked to have to say goodbye, especially when, in addition, you can’t even do so in person. At the same time, it also reminds me of how thankful I am for even this short time in Sweden. I’m grateful for every person I’ve met over the past few months, for every happy and sad day, and every good and bad experience, which made my time here so special and definitely unforgettable. With these words, I’m not only saying goodbye to Sweden but also another chapter of my life.

Tack för allt och hej då, Sverige.

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