The shortest trip to Bali

It’s actually a funny story about how I ended up going to Bali on my trip to Asia. Because although Bali has been right at the top of my bucket list, I only intended to go to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and only added it spontaneously to the itinerary a week before I left. So as soon as I booked my flights there, I couldn’t wait to go there. 

After some impressive but sleepless days in Kuala Lumpur and a quick stopover at Changi Airport in Singapore, I arrived in Bali late in the evening. Thus, I booked the airport pick-up offered by The Farm Hostel Canggu, where I stayed for the next two nights. And when we finally got there, I just fell into bed. The following morning, I met Julia for breakfast at Cinta Cafe. And as I didn’t rent a scooter for my short stay, which is the typical way of getting around on the island, I had to walk there but at least already got some first impressions of Canggu. Later, I went for a stroll at the closest beach, visited some shops in the area, and got a smoothie at Cafe Organic while waiting for my spa treatment at AMO Spa. Back at the hostel, I rested for a while and joined the hostel’s BBQ in the evening, which was the perfect opportunity to meet other travelers. Thus, later that night, a group of us also went out to one of the many clubs in Canggu, making my last evening here even more fun. 

On my last morning, Tilde from Sweden, who also stayed at The Farm Hostel, and I went to Crate Cafe for breakfast. After finishing all the food we ordered and a short stop at the Crate concept store next to the café, we headed to the hostel again. I still had some time before my flight, but left a bit earlier to stop in Kuta on the way to the airport, where I continued to the last stop on my trip to Asia: Singapore. Concluding, I have to say that although I only spent two full days in Bali, which was way too short, I had a great time there and at least got to see some parts of the Indonesian island. And one thing’s for sure: I’ll be back again but for a longer stay.

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