Hotel Review: Casa Cook Rhodes

Upon our arrival, we were already greeted with a welcome drink. But also throughout our whole stay, we experienced the staff to be super friendly, competent, and always at your assistance in case you needed something.

We stayed in a standard double room, which was nicely decorated and well equipped, making it super comfortable to spend some more time there as well. Plus, from our room’s balcony, we also had a great view of the pool area and the hill at the foot of the hotel. Although the beach and sea were within walking distance from the hotel, we spent most of the time relaxing and sunbathing at our balcony, which also had direct access to the pool.

As there was off-season and many restaurants and hotels were still closed, we always had dinner at the hotel. This way, we also did not have to leave the hotel, while the menu at the hotel’s restaurant offered something for everyone anyways. But also the breakfast buffet in the morning was super delicious and had everything you needed for a great start to the day. From warm to cold dishes, sweet to savory, and healthy to heavy, you could find almost everything there and also could enjoy your breakfast outside next to the pool. And while the food at the hotel was great, if you like to go out for lunch or dinner, you could also find various restaurants nearby.

And although we enjoyed just relaxing by the pool and doing nothing, on our third day on the island, we went on a day trip to the city of Rhodes. And as there was a bus connecting the hotels in the area with the city center, it was also more convenient and cheaper to go there.

All in all, we enjoyed our stay at Casa Cook Rhodes to the fullest and would stay there again, for sure. And if you want to save some money, I recommend going there during the off-season, when the room rates are cheaper. And maybe you are even lucky enough to have the pool all to yourself.

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