Welcome to the City of Angels

Probably since watching The O.C., I wanted to go to California. And as Emily spent her exchange semester in Los Angeles, it was the best reason to travel to the City of Angels.

In the morning of September 4, I took a non-stop flight with Austrian Airlines from Vienna to Los Angeles and landed 12 hours later at LAX. After waiting at the immigration for about two hours, I finally got out of the airport, jumped into the next taxi, and went straight to Emily’s place. After I showered and thus was a little more awake, we headed to Melrose Avenue and had dinner at Gracias Madre in West Hollywood in the evening. And before going back home, we ended my first evening in Los Angeles by getting ice cream.

Luckily, this time I didn’t have any trouble falling asleep despite the time difference, but still got up with Emily quite early in the morning. While she headed to the university, I went to Venice Beach and headed to Santa Monica later to meet Sarah, who had just arrived in Los Angeles. In the evening, we met Emily again to go for dinner together.

The following day, Emily, Sarah, and I went to Hollywood for a celebrity sightseeing tour. Thereby, we saw some of the celebrities‘ homes in the Hollywood Hills, drove along Mulholland Drive and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, and also stopped at one lookout for a stunning and scenic view over the city. After the tour, we strolled along the Walk of Fame and Beverly Hills before heading to The Grove. Since I still had to pack my bags for Vancouver and Emily had classes the next day, we didn’t stay out too long and had dinner and a relaxing night at home.

As I left for Vancouver only in the evening that day, we still had the whole day to see some other places around the city. So first, we went to LACMA and strolled around there for a while before heading to Melrose Avenue, where we visited some vintage stores and went for coffee. And as soon as we got back to Emily’s place, it was already time for me to head to the airport and leave for Vancouver.

When I got back to LA again after some great days in Vancouver with Vicki and Mac, I felt slightly sick and thus, stayed at home that day. As I felt much better again the following day, Sarah and I went to Griffith Observatory from where you also have a great view over the city and the Hollywood Sign. In the evening, we then met Emily for dinner again. And when Vicki also arrived in LA a few hours later, we were finally complete for our road trip to Las Vegas the next day. And while Emily and Sarah went back to Austria from Vegas afterward, Vicki and I still spent two more days in Los Angeles. But when we got back to LA in the evening, we were so hungry that on our way back to Emily’s place, we convinced the taxi driver to stop at Taco Bell to get some food, which was probably the highlight of the day.

The following day, we went for breakfast at Great White in Venice, where we also went shopping at Abbot Kinney Boulevard, followed by relaxing and sunbathing at the beach. Later, we walked to Santa Monica Pier and spent some time at the pier before meeting Michelle there in the afternoon. Together, we then drove along the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu. There, we first had some late lunch at the Malibu Farm, walking along Malibu Pier, and then continued on the highway to stop at the Malibu Beach as well.

After we spent some time walking along the beach and sitting there to enjoy the ocean breeze, we drove back to the city again while watching the sun going down in the car’s mirror. Back there, we picked up Michelle’s sister Angela for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory at Marina Del Rey. We had such a lovely last evening together, and it was simply the best ending to my trip I could have wished for. On my last day in the morning, I first had breakfast with Vicki at home. And later, it was already time to head back to the airport and go home again, but taking with me some great memories from these past two weeks.

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