A long-awaited reunion in the North

You might know that I love the Northern parts of Europe because I also lived in Denmark and Sweden for a while. However, I haven’t been up North for more than two years already, meaning I also haven’t seen some of my friends living there since then. Needless to say, I was looking forward to spending some time with them in Northern Germany and Denmark.

Once I got to Hamburg on Monday afternoon, I met Tatjana and spent the following three days with her, catching up on everything that had happened since we saw each other last in the summer of 2019. We went for brunch at Was Wir Wirklich Lieben and strolled through the city, shopping for baby clothes, before we got dinner with Richard at NENI Hamburg. Although I’ve seen most of the tourist attractions during my previous visits to Hamburg, on my last day, Tatjana and I went to the Hamburg Cruise Center in Altona, from which roof you have a great view of the city’s harbor. And before Tatjana dropped me off at the train station and I headed to Denmark, we had one last coffee break at Café Schmidt at the fish market in Altona. 

On the train to Odense in Denmark, I met Louisa from Germany, who I would later meet in Copenhagen again, where I went after spending some lovely days with Eva in the city, which has been my home for nearly a year, and still felt a bit like that. While Eva was at work, during the following days, I walked around the city, down to the harbor, and met my old roommate Nanna. And one day, Eva even convinced me to go for a swim at the harbor’s outdoor pool, although it was raining at only 16 °C. However, the weather got better on my last full day in Odense. So, I walked to the city center again, got some coffee and “kanelstang” at Lagkagehusetn, and later met Eva at Munke Mose. In the evening, we went to Storms Pakhus for dinner and drinks and ended the day on the sofa, watching Netflix and drinking wine. 

The following day around noon, Eva dropped me off at the bus stop to head to one of my favorite cities: Copenhagen. There, I stayed at Woodah Boutique Hostel, located only a short walk from the central station and ideal for exploring the city. Plus, a typical Danish breakfast was included in the price. It was still raining once I got to the hostel, and while I only wanted to go on a short walk around the neighborhood, I ended up walking all the way to Nyhavn and back again. The next morning, I met Louisa and showed her around Copenhagen while grabbing lunch at Atelier September in between. After spending the whole afternoon walking across the city, I went to the hostel, collected my luggage, and headed to the airport. And while I was already running late, when I got to the airport, I noticed that my flight is delayed for a while. So by the time I got back to Vienna, it was already late at night.

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