Looking for Grey in grey Seattle

After spending a wonderful week in Vancouver, I made it to my second stop, Seattle, around midnight since I took a late-night bus from Canada to the US. But once I got to the bus stop in Seattle, things didn’t work out that well, and it took me a while until I, with some troubles, finally made it to my hostel near Pike Place Market.

Friday was then my first full day in Seattle, but my mood could have been better since it was still raining, and I only got a decent amount of sleep. Anyways, I took my umbrella, put on some warm clothes, went down to the waterfront first, and then walked to the Space Needle. But since it started raining again, I decided to postpone going up there for the next day, when the weather was better again.

On late Saturday morning, after getting breakfast, I went to the Space Needle again. As I got a combi ticket, I first visited the closeby Chihuly Gardens and then took the elevator to the top of the Space Needle. And while I was enjoying the view of Seattle from up there, I started talking to two girls currently visiting from Milwaukee. I chatted with Magdalena and Viiktoria for a while before I went down to the bottom again and took the Monorail back to the city center, where it was only a short walk to the hostel.

Since I still hadn’t booked anything for my next stop in Hawaii, I stayed at the hostel the whole Saturday and started planning my upcoming trip. However, in the evening, I met Magdalena and Viiktoria again for drinks in Belltown. And although I still wasn’t that impressed by Seattle until then, I at least had a fun night out with them in the city. It also wouldn’t stop raining the following day. But since I felt a bit sick and still had to figure out some things for going to Hawaii, I spent most of the time at the hostel. However, as I hadn’t been to the world’s first Starbucks, which was only a few minutes away from my hostel at Pike Place Market, I at least shortly stopped by there. And when it was finally in the evening, and I could fix all the troubles I had with the travel registration for Hawaii, I was more than excited to go there the following day. Thus, on Monday morning, I got up early, grabbed some breakfast at the hostel, and then headed to the airport and on to a much sunnier and warmer place than grey Seattle.

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