Aloha vibes on Oahu

From Europe, the Hawaiian islands seem like a million miles away. But when you are already on the West coast of North America, they are not that far away anymore – although it still took me nearly seven hours to get there from Seattle. Anyways, as already mentioned in my previous post about Seattle, on Monday morning, I finally flew to Honolulu on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, where I would spend the upcoming six days. And, after all the rain in Seattle, I was desperately in need of some sunshine and couldn’t wait for some warm days in paradise.

But close to landing, the weather seemed everything but sunny from out of the plane window. Instead, it was so cloudy that you couldn’t even see the neighboring islands when approaching the airport. However, it was at least warm outside, and I could finally put my winter jacket away for the next 1,5 weeks. From the airport, I took the bus to Waikiki Beach. When I got to The Beach Waikiki Boutique Hostel, where I stayed for the first three nights, I already met some people there. So, in the evening, we went out to get a drink together at the Tikis Grill & Bar.

The following day, I woke up early and grabbed a bagel and iced coffee for breakfast before leaving for a tour to the North Shore, which I booked at the hostel the day before. And while I was waiting for the tour to start, I met Lea and Ines, currently visiting from Germany. First, we went to the Dole Plantation followed by going to „Pipeline“, one of the most famous spots for surfing and surf competitions in Hawaii. After watching the surfers there for a while, we hiked up the hill at Pūpūkea-Paumalū Forest Reserve, where we had a stunning view of Banzai Beach. Later, we continued to Shark’s Cove, had lunch there, and headed to Waimea Beach afterwards, where we spent some time at the beach. Before going back to Waikiki again, we did one last stop at Haleiwa to get some shave ice at Matsumoto, the first place to sell the sweet island specialty.

As it was still cloudy the day before, I was even happier when I woke up the next day, and the sun was shining. And as it was super hot as well, I decided to spend the day at the beach – tanning and reading my book. In the late afternoon, I then walked around Waikiki and got an Acai bowl at Da Cove before heading back to the hostel again. Together with my roommate Nikki and Ines, whom I met the day before, I went to see the sunset at the beach in the evening.

The following day, we spent together again and went for brunch at DECK, where Lea joined us again as well. As I was switching accommodation that day, after brunch, I first went back to the hostel to check out and later on, together with Nikki and Ines, to the beach again. While Ines left later, in the evening, Nikki and I went to see the sunset again at the beach and had some drinks at the Alohalani hotel later before going back to my hotel again.

Friday was already my last full day on Oahu, so after going for brunch at Duke’s Waikiki with a group of girls, we went on another trip across the island. First, we stopped at the Manoa Falls but got lost in the forest when hiking up the waterfall. Yet, although we were a bit exhausted as soon as we got there, it was indeed worth it. Afterwards, we headed to Kailua, a town on the east coast of the island of Oahu, where we took a dip in the ocean. After spending an hour there chilling at the beach, we went to see the sunset at Pearl Harbor before heading back to Waikiki Beach for dinner. And while I had a great last day and evening on Oahu, it also meant it’s time to say goodbye to Nikki, with whom I had such a great time, because, the next day, I was heading on to another Hawaiian island, Maui.

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