Finding paradise on Maui

Even though I had always dreamed of going to Hawaii one day, I never thought that I would then even get the chance to visit two of the Hawaiian islands at once. But I did. After six beautiful days on the island of Oahu, on Saturday morning, I took the probably shortest flight in my life to the neighbor island Maui. And although when approaching the airport, the island looked like everything but paradise from up in the air, I eventually got to know the true beauty of Maui in the following five days.

Once I collected my luggage, I took a taxi to the town of Paia, which was only about 15 minutes away from the airport and where I stayed at the Aloha Surf Hostel. After checking in and switching my travel clothes for my bikini, I first stopped for lunch at Better Things café before heading to the beach at Paia Bay, where I would spend all day reading my book and sunbathing. On the way back to the hostel, I only grabbed dinner and went to bed a bit earlier as I was slightly tired and wanted to get enough sleep before going on my first tour on the island the next day.

Sunday at breakfast I then met some other people staying at the hostel and together we went to the beach to spend the morning there. And while we were lying on the beach, we suddenly even discovered a sea turtle on the other end of the beach. What an experience! Around noon, we headed back to the hostel and then left for the tour to some beaches on the other side of the island with a group of other people staying at the hostel as well. First, we stopped at Makena Beach, took a swim in the sea, and played some volleyball before heading on to Wailea-Makena, where we spent the rest of the afternoon. After watching the sunset, taking another dip in the ocean when it was already dark, and dancing to the drums and the fire show at the beach, we headed back to the hostel again.

I kicked off the new week with another tour. This time, together with Luli, Brigid, Paige, Sarah, and some other people, we headed to West Maui. First, we stopped at D.T. Flemings Beach, followed by another stop at Nakalele Point to see the famous blowhole, producing powerful water spouts with the waves and tides. Driving further along the coast of West Maui, we reached Honolua Bay, where some of us went snorkeling while heading to Dragon’s Teeth in Kapalua afterwards. And before heading back to Paia again, we ended the tour visiting Lahaina – one of Maui’s hotspots and once a historic whaling village, but also home to the largest Banyan trees in the US. Since it was the last evening for some of the people I met on Maui, later we had some drinks at the hostel and then went stargazing to the beach.

While some of the girls went snorkeling the following day, I spent it at the beach again, sunbathing and watching the surfers there for hours. When I walked back to the hostel in the late afternoon, I got one more Acai bowl at Choice Health Bar. Tuesday evening was already my last evening on the island, so I spent it having some drinks and playing games at the hostel’s patio together with some other people.

And then my last day in paradise had come, but before leaving again late in the evening, I could still enjoy a full day on Maui. Thus, after having pancakes for breakfast, which Luli had to make for me as she lost our bet, I went on one last tour to Iao Valley State Park. There, we hiked into the valley and, on the way, could not only pick guavas straight from the tree but also enjoy a stunning view over the valley once we reached one of the lookouts. Back at where we started our hike, we cooled off in the fresh waters of Ioa stream before heading back to the hostel again. As it was only later in the afternoon when we got back, I went to Paia Beach one last time and enjoyed my last hours on this magical island to the fullest. But in the evening, it was then time to pack my bags and head to the airport. Although I was sad that I didn’t stay longer in Hawaii because I loved every second here, I was also excited about going to my next stop. San Francisco, here I come!

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