Pizza, pasta & aperitivo in bella Roma

The first holiday abroad of the year is always something special. It kicks off a year of discovering new places and getting to know the world a bit better again. And what is better than doing all of this with one of your best friends by your side? So, Magdi and I already have a bit of a history with going on holidays together. And as always, it was a spontaneous decision on a weekday that involved one or the other drink when we decided to book a trip to Rome. 

Thus, Friday evening, we hopped on a plane to Italy’s capital and started our holidays with a first round of apertivio and pizza. Our hotel – Mama Shelter Roma – was located quite close to the Vatican, so the following morning after breakfast, we first went there and continued strolling towards the city center. And as it was already noon, it was time for some aperitivo, which we enjoyed sitting in the sun at Piazza Navona. Afterwards, we passed by some of the other sights around Rome, such as the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain (of course, we flipped a coin there!), the Spanish Steps, and Castel Sant’Angelo before heading on to Trastevere. There, we found a bar serving cheap Aperol Spritz and thus decided to have more than one aperitivo there. And after having 5 Aperol Spritz each and being a bit tipsy, we headed on to dinner at Tonnarello, where I probably had the best pasta ever. It was not even 9 pm when we headed back to the hotel and passed by the Vaticano, but after having 7 Aperol Spritz in total, eating pasta, and walking across the city the whole day, we were more than ready for bed.

It was no surprise that the next morning we both felt a bit hungover, but after breakfast, we were ready again for another day of sightseeing. So, first, we headed to the Colosseum, passed by Piazza del Popolo, and ended up at Villa Borghese, where we sat down for a while before getting pizza for late lunch and some ice cream at Giolitti. Later on, we walked back again towards the Colosseum, passed by the Roman Forum on the way, and then strolled across the area of Monti before taking the metro from the city back to our hotel. Because after another long day of sightseeing, we were looking forward to getting some sleep again.

Monday was already our last day in Rome, but since our flight only left in the evening, we still had the whole day to explore the city, and the weather looked more than great for doing so. In the morning, we finally visited St. Peter’s Basilica and climbed the 551 steps to the top of the cupula. From there, we headed to the market at Campo de‘ Fiori, and then spent some time strolling around the neighborhood there. In the late afternoon and on the hunt for some coffee and sweet treats, we stopped at Sant‘ Eustachio Il Caffè and got the best cannoli there. We still had some time left before going back to Vienna and thus decided to climb one of the viewpoints in Rome – Piazzale Socrate – from where you have a great view of the eternal city. And before it then really was time to head to the airport, we had two more rounds of Aperol Spritz and got some pizza at Bonci, which was the perfect ending to a beautiful and sunny trip to bella Roma.

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