Lübeck, the underrated Hanseatic city

I don’t always travel to see other places, but also my friends, who basically live all over the world. Well, most of them at least live within Europe, but still in several different places. Thus, that’s why I also went to Lübeck in Northern Germany by train last Friday to meet some friends there. And after a 13 hours train ride, I finally made it there and was warmly welcomed by Christina and Dominik at the train station. Since I got there in the evening, we only went for dinner and then had an early night.

The following morning, we went out for brunch and strolled across the inner city afterwards. In the afternoon, we went on a walking tour to learn more about Lübeck, especially its hidden backyards. And there are many of them all across the city, one more beautiful than the other. In the evening, Christina made dinner for us and then we had some pre-drinks with some of their friends at home while ending the day at a 90s party.

On Sunday, Tatjana joined us in Lübeck as well and we started the day together with breakfast at home. Later on we did a boat tour around the old town of Lübeck, took a stroll through the city again and explored some more backyards on the way. After a short coffee break at the park, we walked back to Christina’s and Dominik’s apartment and said goodbye to Tatjana, who headed back to Hamburg again. Since we did an intensive sightseeing program and thus also walked a lot in the past two days, we only had a relaxing evening at home. And in addition, we also went to Denmark pretty early on Monday morning, so we also went to bed earlier.

After a wonderful weekend in the Hanseatic city, I can definitely say that although the city is probably less known compared to other closeby Hanseatic city of Hamburg, it’s definitely one of those underrated places in Europe you shouldn’t miss. And looking back, I’m also wondering why I didn’t go there earlier already.

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