The Bay of Kotor, the southernmost fjord in Europe

In the past few years, Montenegro has gained quite some popularity as a travel destination. Because compared to Croatia, it’s still less crowded and cheaper. And did you know that Montenegro, although not an EU member yet, uses Euros as their national currency? Anyway, while there are several great places to visit around Montenegro, the Bay of Kotor is probably the most well-known. Lined with majestic mountain ranges, it’s often also called the southernmost fjord in Europe. Perast and Kotor in the inner bay are even UNESCO World Heritage Sites, making it an equally popular destination for cruises and backpackers. At least, that’s what I experienced when I visited this summer. 

Since Brigid and I already stayed for a night in Dubrovnik, getting to Kotor by bus was easy. You only need to get off at the Croatian and Montenegrin border for a passport inspection. Alternatively, you can also fly to Tivat Airport. In Kotor, we stayed in a private room at Old Town Hostel in the heart of the city, where they offered different daily activities, making it easy to meet other people. The historic town is also home to hundreds of stray cats, which are looked after and adored by locals and visitors alike. Yet, if you don’t like cats, you should probably avoid going there.

Despite exploring Kotor on our own and joining the hostel’s sunset BBQ and party cruise, one afternoon, we also took the local bus (which is cheap but not the most reliable one) to Perast and spent our last night in Tivat, where we went by cab. If you’re looking for places to eat and drink, I’d recommend checking out one of the many traditional restaurants called “Kanoba”, where you’ll get great local food at affordable prices.

Curious what else to do in the Bay of Kotor? Find a list of recommendations on things to do around the bay below.


Watch the sunset at Fortress Gorazda overlooking the Bay of Kotor

Climb up to the Fortifications for some more splendid views of the bay (either choose the free or the paid way)

Take an evening stroll on the wall or across the Old Town and visit the main attractions such as Trg od Oružja, St. Tryphon’s Cathedral, and Kampana Tower

Have a drink at one of the beach bars, e.g. Mandrać – otvoreni šank (affordable prices and friendly staff)

Go kayaking in the bay – we rented a kayak for 10€/hour close to the Mandrać beach bar

Perast & Tivat

Take the bus from Kotor to Perast and hop on a boat trip to Sveti Đorđe and Gospa od Škrpjela (cheaper than leaving directly from Kotor)

Stroll through pretty streets of Perast and visit a few museums and churches

Check out Porto Montenegro in Tivat with its luxurious superyachts and luxury restaurants and shops

Spend a day at Buddha-Bar Beach, a restaurant and beach club within the marina’s yacht club and an infinity pool

Sunset at Fortress Gorazda overlooking the Bay of Kotor

Some more impressions of Perast and Tivat

Exploring Kotor in the Bay of Kotor

Checking out the Buddha-Bar Beach in Tivat

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