Lush greens in La Fortuna & Monteverde

Actually, I didn’t really have Costa Rica on my radar when I decided to do another overseas trip. But as soon as I did some research, I fell in love with all the beautiful places across the country. Although I had an idea about where I wanted to go during my 2.5 weeks there, my initial plan changed the day I arrived in San Jose. Because I was lucky enough to meet two other Austrians – Sophie and Kathi – at the hostel, I stayed for the first night. And while we had more or less the same route, it also turned out that they were staying at the same hostel, in the same room as I did at our first stop, La Fortuna.

So after I got some urgently needed sleep, the following morning, I got picked up by the shuttle, which I had already booked beforehand, and dropped off at the La Choza Inn. Once I got there, I met Sophie and Kathi again and explored La Fortuna a bit with them. First, we visited the Sloth Watching Trail and then walked around the town for a while. In the late afternoon, we then had lunch and slowly made our way back to the hostel.

The following morning after breakfast, only Sophie and I went on the hike to the Arenal Volcano as Kathi was not feeling very well. And although it started raining right when we started the hike, until we reached the top, the sun came through. And as the sky opened up, we even got a full view of the volcano without any clouds covering the top. Afterward, we went to the nearby free hot springs, Rio Chollin, and relaxed there for a while before heading back to town for lunch. And as it started pouring while we had some urgently needed coffee, we had to stay at the café a little longer.

Monday was already our last day in La Fortuna. So, after breakfast, we picked up Rieke and headed to Tenorio Volcano National Park. And again, as soon as we got there, it started raining. However, when we finally reached Rio Celeste, it was definitely worth hiking in the rain. Back at the national park’s entrance, we continued driving to our next stop, Monteverde. By the time we got there, it was already dark and raining – again. And compared to La Fortuna, Monteverde was also quite chilly as it has an elevation of 1,330 m. So, Sophie and Kathi were so kind and dropped me off at the Selina Monteverde, where I was only looking forward to getting into the hot tub and to bed afterward.

After breakfast the next day, I checked out of my hostel again and took the local bus to the town of Santa Helena, where I met Kathi and Sophie again. Together with them, we went to Sky Adventures Monteverde Park and did the hanging bridge tour there. Back in town from the park, we got some coffee and then picked up Rieke again to head on to the third stop on our road trip, Santa Teresa. And so much can already be said now: it was one hell of a crazy and adventurous eight-hour car ride there.

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