Surfing, sun & fun in Santa Teresa

As mentioned earlier, the trip to Santa Teresa was one hell of a ride. And here’s the short version of why: it all started with taking a different route than Maps suggested. While we first got stuck in a traffic jam due to construction, we again decided to take a different, though more scenic route to Santa Teresa. Yet, at one point, there was no way to move further anymore as the road passed through a river, and crossing it would have been too dangerous. Fast forward, we paid a guy, who claimed to be an expert in crossing rivers, to drive us to the main road again, where we still had to cross rivers. From there, we could do the last few kilometers alone, and 8 hours later finally arrived in Santa Teresa. Note to us: better follow Maps recommendations next time! But at least it was an adventurous ride and a fun travel story to tell!

As I also got there a day earlier than planned, I stayed with Rieke at Akih Pods Hostel for the first night. So, once we got there, we were only looking forward to getting a drink, showering, and going to bed. After breakfast, the next day, Rieke and I strolled along the beach, while in the afternoon, I finally met Vroni, David, and Oskar with whom I spent the next five days at our amazing vacation house. Most of our morning in Santa Teresa started with having breakfast on our terrace while sunbathing and cooling off in the pool in the afternoon.

Despite that, we just took it day by day and had a relaxing time there – from strolling along or watching the sunset with a drink in our hands at the beach, eating out at different restaurants such as Ani’s, Eat Street, The Bakery, Cafca Café, and The Somos Café to taking our very first surf lesson at Believe. And latter has definitely been a highlight of my trip to Costa Rica because since I’m everything but athletic, I would have never thought I’d be able to stand on a surfboard. But I did – and there’s even video evidence of it! The day we took our surf lesson was already our last full day in Santa Teresa. Hence, in the evening, Vroni and I decided to go out partying at Banana Beach, where we met Susi and her friends from surf camp too.

And since I stayed a little longer than Vroni, I couldn’t get out of bed and missed when Vroni, David, and Oskar left for Nosara early in the morning. Since I still had some time left, I had one last breakfast on our terrace, backed my bags, and grabbed the public bus to Cobano afterwards. There, I met Kathi, Sophie, and their friend Hannah again to head to our next stop: Manuel Antonio. But this time, we were smart enough to follow the route suggested by Maps and took the ferry. Lesson learned I’d say!

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