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  • Pizza, pasta & aperitivo in bella Roma

    Pizza, pasta & aperitivo in bella Roma

    First, I have to say: Magdi and I already have some history with going on holidays together. So, as in the past, it was another weekday that involved one or the other drink when we decided to book a trip to Rome. However, it was also our first holiday of the year, kicking off another twelve…

  • Vom Mut zu scheitern und neu zu starten

    Vom Mut zu scheitern und neu zu starten

    Will so viel und doch so wenig. Will immer mehr und doch Zeit haben. Zeit haben für die schönen Dinge im Leben. Für Personen, die mir wichtig sind. Trotzdem bekomme ich nie genug von allem. Will immer alles richtig machen und nie etwas falsch. Strebe nach der perfekten Perfektion, doch die gibt es nur in…

  • Tis the season in New York

    Tis the season in New York

    For years, I had been dreaming of going to New York – especially during the Christmas season. Thus, after nearly two weeks in a warmer climate, I hopped on a red-eye flight from the West to the East Coast for one last stop in New York. Once I arrived at Newark Airport, I took the…

  • The sunny sides of San Francisco

    The sunny sides of San Francisco

    On the red-eye flight from Maui, I fell asleep on the plane and woke up right in time when we were approaching the airport in San Francisco. Once I got to the Samesun Hostel, I dropped off my luggage and walked around the neighborhood in the morning. As the hostel was located directly on Lombard Street, the…

  • Finding paradise on Maui

    Finding paradise on Maui

    I had always dreamed of going to Hawaii, but never thought I would even get to visit two of the Hawaiian islands on my trip to North America. Yet, after six beautiful days on the island of Oahu, Saturday morning, I took the probably shortest flight of my life to the neighboring island Maui, where…

  • Aloha vibes on Oahu

    Aloha vibes on Oahu

    From Europe, Hawaii seems like the farthest place. But since I was already in Seattle, it only took me seven hours to get there. And, after the past few rainy days in the capital of Washington State, I was excited to spend the next couple of days on the Hawaiian island of Oahu and put…

  • Looking for Grey in grey Seattle

    Looking for Grey in grey Seattle

    After spending a wonderful week in Vancouver, I took the late-night bus from Canada to the US, more precisely to Seattle. But once I got to the bus stop there, nothing would work out as planned. Since I always relied on wifi during my trip, but there was none on the bus nor at the bus…

  • A week of sunshine and rain in Vancouver

    A week of sunshine and rain in Vancouver

    Back in 2019, when I had been to Vancouver for the first time, I already fell in love with the city – from the sea and beaches, mountains, and more rural areas outside the city or downtown. That’s also why I decided to start my solo trip across North America there after quitting my job and taking…

  • Extending the summer in Greece

    Extending the summer in Greece

    Waiting for your summer holidays until the end of summer also has an advantage. Because, this way, summer lasts at least a little longer. And since Magdi and I have not taken a vacation together since our trip to Tel Aviv, it was about time to go on another trip together again. So after some research…

  • A long-awaited reunion in the North

    A long-awaited reunion in the North

    You might know that I love the Northern parts of Europe because I also lived in Denmark and Sweden for a while. However, I haven’t been up North for more than two years already, meaning I also haven’t seen some of my friends living there since then. Needless to say, I was looking forward to…

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