Exploring Denmark: Aarhus

As I had a long free weekend, I spontaneously booked a short solo trip to the European Capital of Culture, Aarhus. Once there, I met Lina at ARoS and visited the different exhibitions as well as the rainbow panorama on top of the building, where you have a great view of the city. Later, we went to Salling Rooftop for another great lookout at Aarhus. And they even have a skywalk with a glass floor there. Other must-sees in Aarhus include Den Gamle ByAarhus University with its wonderful park, and Aarhus Rådhus. Or, you just walk across the city to spot another beautiful place there. 

Despite the many cafés and restaurants around the city, Aarhus Street Food is definitely a highlight. During my visit, Lina and I also went to FFOOD for a cup of coffee and had another cup of coffee later on at the Dokk1. In the evening, I said goodbye to Lina and headed back to my place, where I fell asleep pretty soon after walking 15 km that first day. 

I started my second and already last day in Aarhus with a cinnamon bun and some coffee at my Airbnb before heading to the city center again. There I did some shopping, bought the obligatory postcard for my parents and had lunch before I went back to Odense in the afternoon. But to sum it up, if you ever make it to Denmark, make sure to visit Aarhus, which is more than worth a visit.

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