A dream come true in Bali

For years I’ve been dreaming of going to Bali. But, when I booked the trip to Asia, I only planned to go to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and didn’t necessarily consider going to Bali as well, although it is not far from Singapore. However, only a week before I left for Asia, I spontaneously changed my itinerary and decided to go to Bali too. So as soon as I booked my flight there, I couldn’t wait anymore about finally going there.

After great but exhausting days in Kuala Lumpur and a quick stopover at Singapore airport, I finally made it to Bali. As I arrived super late in the evening, I booked an airport pick up at The Farm Hostel Canggu, where I stayed for these two nights, and went straight to bed when we got there. The following morning, I then met Julia for breakfast at Cinta Cafe. And since I only stayed in Bali for such a short time, I didn’t rent a scooter, which is the typical method of transport there, and thus had to walk there. However, this way, I already saw a bit of the area of Canggu.

After breakfast, I went down to the beach, strolled around there a bit, and on the way back, stopped at AMO Spa, which Julia recommended for a spa treatment. As I had to wait for an appointment to open up, in the meantime, I bought some postcards and went to Cafe Organic for a drink. After my super relaxing spa treatment, I walked back to the hostel and rested for a while. In the evening, the hostel then made a BBQ for everyone staying there, which was the perfect opportunity to meet some other people as well. Later that night, a few of them also went out, so I joined them and had a lovely last evening here.

The last morning, together with Tilde, whom I met at the hostel the evening before, I went for breakfast at Crate Cafe. After we finally finished all the food we ordered and a short stop at the Crate concept store right next to the café, we walked back to the hostel again. I still wanted to stop in Kuta and see the area there and thus, left at the hostel a bit earlier before heading back to the airport and my last stop, Singapore.

Although I only got to spend two days in Bali, which was way too short, I enjoyed every minute there to the fullest. And I already know I definitely will be back again and then spend more time there to see some more places around the island as well.

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