Extending the summer in Greece

Waiting for your summer holidays until the end of summer also has an advantage. Because, this way, summer lasts at least a little longer. And since Magdi and I have not taken a vacation together since our trip to Tel Aviv, it was about time to go on another trip together again. So after some research over a glass of wine on a weekday in summer and a few discussions about where to go, we finally agreed to go to Greece.

Thus, early Monday morning, we got picked up by a cab to get to the airport, where we boarded our flight to Heraklion on the beautiful Greek island of Crete. After landing, we got picked up at the airport by a transfer, which took us to Mitsis Rinela Beach Resort & Spa, where we stayed for the next five days. As both of us needed a break from work and some time to relax, we decided to spend our time on the island doing nothing but tanning at the hotel’s private beach, reading our books, and enjoying the all-inclusive services at the hotel. 

That means, for the past five days, we did nothing but eat lots of food and sip frozen margaritas at the pool. Consequently, since we didn’t do any sightseeing or activities, there’s also not much more to say. But that’s for sure: we could really relax and enjoy the time together to the fullest while getting a nice tan as well 😉

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