Searching for sunshine in Madrid

I not only wanted to go to Madrid to visit Vicki beginning of April but also to trade in the cold weather in Denmark for some warmer and sunnier days in Spain. So, I booked this trip already for more than two months in advance. But while it had 20 degrees in Denmark, temperatures in Madrid would only reach six degrees. Plus, it was also raining a lot. However, I had a great time with Vicki and enjoyed the Spanish (night) life again.

On Friday, April 6, I took a late flight to Madrid, which was even delayed. So by the time I finally made it to Vicki’s apartment, it was already 1.30 am. The next day, we started the day with brunch at El Invernadero Salvador Bachiller before exploring the neighborhoods of Madrid. In the evening and after pre-drinks with Vicki’s American friend at her place, we went to Teatro Kapital, the biggest club in Madrid, and danced there all night long. And it turned out to be one of the funniest night-outs in a long time.

Thus, we only woke up at noon the next day. And as it was not supposed to rain on Sunday, we did some sightseeing that day and visited places such as Palacio Real de Madrid, Plaza Mayor, and Teatro Real. At Mercado de San Miguel, we then grabbed a Bocadillo and continued walking further towards Gran Via. In the evening, we had dinner at Montaditos, where on Sundays nearly everything on the menu was only 1 €.

The following two days, Vicki had to go to work and university afterward. So I used the time to walk around the city and did some shopping. Monday evening, I then also met Babsi for drinks at Gourmet Experience, while Vicki joined us later as well. My last day started late, and I didn’t do much anymore. In the afternoon, I only met Vicki and Babsi for coffee and to say goodbye before going back to the airport. After a not-so-comfortable and quite exhausting 3-hours-flight, I made it back to Copenhagen, where I had to wait for another hour for my train to Odense. As I finally arrived there quite late, I was more than happy when I finally made it to bed. And while I didn’t really like Madrid when I was there the first time and although the weather was not the best, I enjoyed Madrid and spending time with Vicki and Babsi there.

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