A Calabrian summer night dream

When I went to Rome this March, I didn’t think that it would only take me a bit more than three months to be back in Italy again. But sometimes unexpected things happen, like being invited to a wedding in Italy. Or better said to Esra’s and Sean’s special day in Calabria. Thus, Sunday morning, I hopped on a plane to Lamezia Terme Airport, where Esra picked me up to take me to the little town of Pizzo. Once there, she dropped me off at the apartment where her friends Burcu, Mehtap, Örge, Cigdem, and Sibel were staying. Together, we went to Tropea, about half an hour from Pizzo, and spent the afternoon there, eating pizza, strolling across the town, and sunbathing at the beach. In the evening, we headed back to Pizzo and had a fun little party with the bride-to-be at our apartment’s garden.

Monday morning, we left Pizzo and went to the wedding location, Villa Caristo. Once there, we checked in and then spent the afternoon drinking champagne, taking lots of pictures and then getting dressed for the most important part of the day. The ceremony, held in Italian an English, started at 7 p.m., followed by a reception with aperitivo and appetizers as well as an amazing dinner in the most beautiful setting later on. Around midnight it was then time to get the party started. But beforehand, the married couple still had to cut the wedding cake. And as the wedding cake wouldn’t have been enough, there was also a big dessert buffet – including all those delicious Italian sweet treats. So, after we finally finished eating, we had the best time on the dance floor and partied until the early morning hours.

That’s also why we slept in the next day. Yet, after breakfast, we had to say goodbye to Esra and Sean and leave the most amazing wedding location. So, Burcu, Mehtap, Cigdem, and I went to Lamezia and got on the train to Naples. And while Burcu had to go to Turkey, Mehtap, Cigdem, and I had some more days left under the Italian sun. But that’s another story!

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